Our dear readers, today we present to you another very interesting hyip program. Another program that offers instant payouts – which as we know is very important for all of you. The program has 3 basic investment programs with a fairly short investment time, so we can very quickly earn satisfying money without leaving home. Of course you have to remember that this is a hyip program, but I am happy to invite you to read the detailed description of this hyip program, which can be found below :

  • Project start : Mar 04, 2021
  • Plans : 1.7% daily for 8 days; 2.3% daily for 15 days; 3.5% daily for 40 days
  • Min. deposit : $5
  • Min. withdrawal : $1; 0.002 BTC; 0.1 ETH; 0.2 LTC; 100 DOGE; 100 TRX
  • Payout type :Instant
  • Affiliate program : 5% – 3% – 1%
  • Payment systems : Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron
  • PerfectMoney : U26100899 (no matches found)
  • Script : H-script
  • Our investment : $100



At the beginning, as always, we will briefly describe all investment plans.


forexprofits plans


  • Profit accrual: 1.7% per day
  • Investment work period: 8 days
  • Limits on the amount of entry: from $ 5


  • Profit accrual: 2.3% per day
  • Investment work period: 15 days
  • Limits on the amount of entry: from $ 50


  • Profit accrual: 3.5% per day
  • Investment work period: 40 days
  • Limits on the amount of entry: from $ 500


The affiliate programme in this programme has three levels so that we can increase our revenue.

Inferno Trades Limited Referral


1. If you decide to enter and invest your money in this programme you must register. To do this you need to go to the home page and click on the “CHECK IN” button which you will find in the top right hand corner of the screen.

forexprofits register 1

2. You will then be redirected to the registration form, where you will be asked to enter your basic data and will be asked to choose a default payment system as well as to accept the terms and conditions. The last step is to press the “check in” button. We encourage you to register from our reflink, but as always we leave the decision to you.

forexprofits register 2

3. After successful registration to open a deposit, log in to your account and click on the “CREATE DEPOSIT” button in the main menu.

forexprofits deposit 1

3. You will then be asked to choose an investment plan, enter the amount of money you wish to invest and select a payment system.

forexprofits deposit 2


1. In order to withdraw the money you have accumulated, you again need to log into your account, press the “WITHDRAW FUNDS” button at the top of the screen.

Inferno Trades Limited withdraw

2. You then need to enter the amount of money to be withdrawn, choose a payment system and of course confirm the withdrawal by clicking on the “WITHDRAW” button.

Inferno Trades Limited withdraw

Risk reminder

Any investment carries risks and an investor should always take this into account, as for this company, it is no exception. As a rule, the risks are always proportional to the profitability and the higher the percentage offered by the project, the higher the probability of incurring losses. Highly profitable projects have increased risks, because the profitability is also serious, so I recommend following certain rules:

  • Remember to diversify and don't invest all your money in one investment program. It is more reasonable to distribute the available funds across several projects in order to reduce risks.
  • When investing in a highly profitable fund, be prepared for the fact that there is a high probability of losing money. Therefore, do not use borrowed funds and those amounts, the loss of which will play a big role for you.
  • Withdraw profit from the project as often as possible (daily, hourly) in accordance with the tariff conditions offered by the project! Make the decision to reinvest without emotion, weighing the pros and cons. And remember the main rule of the investor:  It is better to lose profit than to lose your deposit.


To sum up this programme, it must be said that short-term investments as well as immediate withdrawals can attract a really large number of potential investors. The first two programs offer entry under $100 so will attract a lot of interest. As of today 10.03.2021 the program is promoted by a small number of monitors, forums, blogs etc. This may indicate that the admin has a long-term development plan, which may be evidenced by the long duration of the program. Of course, this may mean something else entirely, only the admin of this program knows, so you always have to remember about the risks that come with investing in a hyip program.


Inferno Trades Limited withdraw