What is HYIP ?

High Yield Investment Programs provide opportunities to earn money without having to promote the program. Unfortunately, such programs are just a simple financial pyramid, which always stops working after some time.

is any hyip program safe ?

Each High Yield Investment Program stops working after some time. Is it safe? Certainly not, because we have no influence on when it will stop working. There are programs that work for several days, others even for several months.

What do I find on this blog?

On our blog we describe the best hyip programs that you can be interested in. In the description of each hyip program you can find basic information such as start date, investment plans, payment systems, etc. In short, everything that is important before any investment.

Is this blog a hyip monitor ?

Our blog is not exactly a hyip monitor, but has a similar or even better function.

Is hyip a legitimate business ?

The vast majority of hyip programs have documents that often show that the company is legal, registered mainly in Great Britain.

How to earn in HYIPs?

Making money with hyip programs is very easy. It usually involves depositing some amount of money from which you get a percentage in a pre-defined time period. In addition, you can usually get a percentage of the amount of money that someone will invest in the program using yout reflink.

How big is the risk of losing money?

The risk of losing money is very high. However, the possibility of earning money is also quite high. In general, such programs are very risky and will remain so. Sometimes there are very few programs, often very popular, that run for a very long time. However, it should be remembered that these are rather financial pyramids, which without new users have no right to exist.

How to deposit money in HYIP?

It is very simple. On our blog we always describe the entire deposit process. If you try to invest in another program that is not described on our blog, usually the whole process, often step by step, is described on the FAQ page of the hyip program.

What means "Status" of HYIP?

On our blog we distinguish three statuses
1. PAYING – where the title of the blog entry is green, it means that the program works and pays the money according to the assumptions described on the page.
2. PROBLEM – where the title of the blog entry is orange, it means that the program has stopped paying out money. This is a temporary status, if after 24 hours the program will not continue to pay out the status will change to SCAM.
3. SCAM – where the title of the blog entry is red, it means that the program has stopped working and will no longer pay.