We have experience on the hyip market since 2017. Previously we operated locally mainly in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and France. During this time we managed to establish many contacts both with investors and administrators who successfully run hyip programs. Currently we have an e-mail database with 16000 emails, FB profile with 1000 active users, etc. We currently operate globally.

If you want to add your program to our blog, please fill in the form below and send an e-mail to support@hyipera.com with the payment confirmation to publish your hyip program on our blog. It is also possible to make a direct contribution to our profile in your program, we leave the decision to you.

See the table below for a detailed offer. To see all the plans offered by our blog move the tables to the right.

Discount (next orders) 20% 15% 10% 5%
Forums payments posting on All forums on 15 forums on 10 forums on 5 forums
Votes on aggregators InvestorsStartPage.com InvestorsStartPage.com InvestorsStartPage.com HyipLogs.com
HyipLogs.com HyipLogs.com HyipLogs.com Allmonitors24.com
AllStats.io AllStats.io Allmonitors24.com  
ScamScavenger.tech ScamScavenger.tech ScamScavenger.tech  
Hyipmonitors24.net Hyipmonitors24.net    
Allmonitors24.com Allmonitors24.com    
Votes on monitors and blogs on All on 15 first on 10 first on 5 first
Review on YouTube Yes Yes    
Insurance $250      
First deposit $400 $300 $200 $100
Reinvest $400 $300 $200 $100
Listing price $850 $400 $250 $110

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